Lantern game is a retro style 2D platformer. 

The wizard must feed his froggy friend! To do so he must collect fireflies that also brighten up his lantern. That lantern protects against evil spirits. But beware! Too much light will attract the gnoblins who want to snack on the fireflies! 

Explore the depths of the dark caves and have fun.


Ewoud      - Development
Rens          - Character art (voice acting)
Joeri          - Audio & Music (Voice acting)
Thomas    - Level design
Wouter    - Tiles & Background art

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorsT3triez, Ewoud, Rensko6, ShoneSplash3
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withConstruct
TagsExploration, Fantasy, Pixel Art


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Really cute game! Absolutely adore the wizard's character design! Cannot believe it was made in 24 hours...

Very interesting exploration platformer that forces on-the-spot thinking. Didn't get what the gremlin does, but it (probably) didn't impact my play experience.

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I think it makes your light dimmer if it touches you

whats with the egg on stage 3

Amazing game! It was definitely my time well spent.


he look sad :(


Lantern Game


very nice!!!!!!!! i love it!~


Glad you liked it! :)


Wooow very cute game


Very nice


No, you are very nice!


Great game and nice art! It is in my Top 5 of this Week!

Check my video!


Thanks for the top 5 video you made! :)


very very good game


Hey Dev, I gave it a go!

Here is the clip from my stream: 

Over all, very cool concept and I would love to see more. It is a bit rough around the edges though. I really liked the concept of exploring at night with a lantern that changes the landscape, really nice idea and it is implemented pretty well. The one thing that I think for sure needs improvement is the camera, it is very disorienting and ruins the flow of the game in my opinion, I would just let that follow the player seamlessly around the map if I were you. I think fixing the camera would remove or at least tone down the other issues I had while playing it. Keep up the great work, you have a real winner in the making here!


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Cool video! :thumbsup: Thank you for playing the game!

We see a lot of the things like leveldesign you are pointing out and are going to look into fixing that in the future!

It was made in the global game jam (48 hours), that might give a light to why it sometimes looks rough around the edges ;)


Coool !!! Congrats !

Show post...


Very cool that you made a gameplay video! We will do a future polish for some finetuning and bugfixes for the ultimate experience! :D


AMAZING! Great job :D 


Loved it! Everything is so amazingly polished and fun to play too :D <3

Thank you for the kind words!


Awesome stuff! Love the art and the mechanics. Camera could use some work but great job ! :)

Good to hear, thank you for the feedback, we will look into that for a future polish!


Very nice game, art is great of course and the gameplay is surprisingly fun and interesting.